• April 15th, 2016

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  1. You need to include ten items in your top ten list. Each item is worth 10 point. 2. must contain enough detail for me to know that you read the case. 3. Example point – on page 640(case 1) at the bottom the case explains that there may be a few weeks delay in transmission of the employee’s work history. A point may be “if reports are often delayed, how could the auditor insure completeness of all employee’s benefit contributions.(Note: case 1 is only as example to show you how to do your top 10 list, this assignment should be based on case 9) 4. The points should issues you identified in the case. use bullet point for each of them. 5. Read carefully of the requirement in the end of the case, you need to address all 6 issues in your top 10! very important

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