• April 6th, 2016

To submit a mobile APP development portfolio

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Your task is to submit a mobile APP development portfolio, which should include the
following four elements:
1.1500 word (maximum) description of your APP and its functions, analysis of its place
in the marketplace and any ethical and/or legal issues you needed to consider with
your APP design and the data stored for the APP;
2.A business model canvas for your APP;
3.A storyboard showing how a user would use your APP, this must show how the
functions work for the user;
4.A design of your APP, this can be achieved by using the APP template used in the
You have already completed/started work on element 2 and 4 during the seminar activities.
The lectures have already covered many aspects that you need to be able to relate to your
Please note you will need to provide your sources for the analysis and any images used
within this piece of work.
Please note you can only UPLOAD to TurnItIn, a single word or PDF files and
therefore you need to plan how you are going to submit your work from the
BBIM405 – Semester 2 – 2015/16

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