• April 19th, 2016

Theorist Report

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Theorist Report

•For this assignment you will select one of the following theorists to research.
•Once you have selected your theorist respond to the following questions/statements:
1. What is the name of your theorist?(1 points)
2. Provide background information about your theorist (i.e. place of birth, age, family information, place of residence, photo, etc.). (2 points)
3. What is this person’s theoretical perspective? Cognitive/Behaviorist/Psychosocial/Sociocultural….(3 points)
4. Briefly explain this person’s developmental theory. (3 points)
5. Do you agree with or like this theory? Why or why not? Give an example/scenario to support your response(5 points)
6. Using children you know or have observed give an example of this theory. (6 points)

Format (5 points)

•Questions and answers must be written in complete sentences.
•Check for spelling and grammar errors before submitting your work.
•Number each question/answer.
•Include citations and cite your references (books, articles, etc. used to gather information. (Wikipedia/Google/Yahoo/Huffington Post are not reliable references!!)

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