• April 23rd, 2018

The white man’s burden: Why the West’s efforts to aid the rest have done so much ill and so little good

Summary of main argument(s): briefly state the main research question and the book’s argument. Quote if necessary the research question and thesis statement. In that section too, students might want to give basic information about the author as it relates to the author’s expertise. o Summary of the book content: This section should NOT be a mere chapterby-chapter summary of the book. It should provide an outlook about the research methods used (if applicable) as well as the main topics covered by the book. o Strength: identify one particular area in which you think the book does well. Focus on the book’s single greatest strength especially as it relates to the issues discussed in class. 2 o Weakness: identify one particular area in which you think the book is in need of improvement. For example, what did the author omit or neglect to add to the book? Any particular details you might want to have read in the book that are not included?

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