• April 5th, 2016

The Shining

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Give the essay a heading Give the essay an original title Write an introduction that restates the title and author, the books genre and gives a short plot summary (3-6) sentences about the book. Focus one paragraph on a character you liked or related to and explain thier personality traits. And one paragraph analyzing the major theme. Spend one paragraph analyzing symbolism in the book Spend one paragraph interpreting the authors purpose in writing the book How did you connect to this book in someway? Explain in one paragraph any personal connections you made to the literature. And the essay with the conclusion that summarizes your overall opinion of the book, restates the title and author, and give the book a rating (1-5) Use 12 point font, Times New Roaman Each body paragraph must be longer than 5 sentences or longer *Do not write a plot summary for the entire essay! If you do you will only get half credit

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