• April 11th, 2016

The role of social media in in e-commerce, and its impact on business and organization

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Write an essay about the role that social media plays in e-commerce, and discuss its impact on business and organization. Moreover, discuss the security issues associated with implementing social media in e-commerce.

Please note that you should cover the following points in your essay: (hint: you can use it as headings)

ü 1- Social media definition

ü 2- Impact of Social media implementation in e-commerce

ü 3- Examples of successful stories (with explanation) at least 4 examples !

ü 4- The advantage and disadvantages of using social media within organizations

ü 5- The value of integration of social media in e-commerce for customers

ü 6- The security threats of using social media within organizations. And suggest some ways to improve the security.

“You are free to include extra subheading” do not ignore this part try to add subheading

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