• April 2nd, 2016

The research question: Which groups and/or individuals experience anti-social behaviour, and how does it affect their quality of life?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

the aim of the research; the question(s) being examined; the methodological approach adopted; the methods used; how you conducted the analysis; and what the research findings are.

1. Introduction
– Outline your aims and objectives and give an indication of the structure of the report.
– Remember to define key terms and concepts.

2. Theoretical context
– Explain what theories or ideas are relevant to your study
– Refer to previous studies (fully referenced)
– Critically reflect on these ideas and say which are relevant to your study

3. Research methods
– Specify how you collected the data: e.g. where and how.
– Set out the research instruments in general terms, and provide examples of the interview questions, survey forms or observational protocols in an appendix if required.
– Outline the sampling strategy and explain how representative your work is
– Acknowledge the possible weakness of your selected method.

4. Findings
– Analyse and don’t simply report your findings
– Develop an argument on the basis of your findings
– Relate to the wider literature and say if your findings concur with or contradict the conclusions of other studies. Make sure to relate back to section two (theoretical context).
– Use subheadings to impose structure and flow to this section if required.

5. Conclusion
– Summarise key points and outcomes.
– Draw out implications of the study (policy or theory).

6. References
– All ideas from someone else’s work must be cited.
– Check programme handbook if unclear about referencing conventions.
– Include references to readings in module handbook, not ‘lecture notes’!

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