• April 3rd, 2016

The phenomenon of sexual assault on a university campus

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze, from a sociological perspective, the phenomenon of sexual assault on a university campus. The analysis will be limited to ONE of the following areas:

ONE: The Bystander Intervention
Who/what is this?
How does it work?

TWO: The two websites:
Not Alone https://www.notalone.gov
Know Your IX http://knowyourix.org/
What is the purpose of these sites?
How in-depth are they?
How broad is their coverage?
What is most useful/least useful on the sites?
How effective is the information?

THREE: The UNF campus resources available regarding sexual assault through:
The UNF Health Clinic
UNF Policy concerning sexual assault on campus
The Womens Center and
The LGBT Resource Center
What is available at each site?
How does it match what we have learned in class?
What is missing?
How effective are the resources?

As you analyze one of the above, you will want to consider, at a minimum, the questions and/or points that are listed below each grouping. You may expand upon this at your discretion. As stated, the points listed are a minimum. A grading rubric is provided.

The project should be typed, double spaced and limited to five ten pages. If you use any resources other than those listed above or those used in the classroom for reference, please cite them in a bibliography.

You may express your opinion as part of your analysis. You will not be graded on your opinion. However, your opinion must be supported by academic information that demonstrates your ability to critically think about the topic.

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