• April 9th, 2016

The impact of mobile banking and mobile money transfers on a segment of the population.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The assignment will be in the form of a report which synthesizes information from a minimum of 10 high quality texts that you have read. must search a minimum of 3 academic journal databases for journal articles
( i will upload 3 journal required from our school data base)
similarity in turnitin lower than 10% The

Report should consist of the following sections:
1) Title Page, Table of Contents (and a List of Figures and Tables, if relevant) and Introduction to the topic, each beginning on a separate page.
2) Critical Evaluationofthe Sources:take2 of yourarticlesandevaluatetheirsuitabilityfor your research according to commonly accepted criteria, e.g., relevance, reliability, accuracy, lack of bias, timeliness and completeness. (2 paragraphs)
3) Literature Review: present your viewpoint on the topic with support from the literature. This section should be organized into sub-sections with appropriate headings and demonstrate a logical progression of ideas in terms of its structure and the links between subsections.
4) Conclusion should sum up your key findings from the literature and describe the implications of these findings for your future research.
5) Reference List should include all articles and other sources referred to in the report. Research Stream students should generate this using EndNote or similar software.
6) Appendix will include a printout of the first screen of the search results from 3 sources that you used in the conduct of your research. The 3 printouts should each include at least one of the articles that appear in your Reference List

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