• April 17th, 2016

The Impact of environmental sustainability practices on financial performance : Case study of P&G in USA.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research proposal Format


  1. Introduction
  • Background and Rationale
  • Research Statement/Aims
  • Research Objectives
  • Research Questions


  1. Literature Review
  • Range of literature
  • Critical review
  • understanding about the topic
  • Relevance of literature to topic
  1. Research Design and Methodology
  • paradigm of enquiry
  • Methodology
  • Data collection methods
  • Data analysis procedures
  • Ethical issues (N.B. An ethics Application must be included as an appendix in your submission)
  1. Time Scale
  • Rationale and Plan B
  1. Your Assignment should be well structured and presented and clearly include academic sources and supporting references, indicated in the assignment and listed in the references section.

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