• April 20th, 2016

The Geopolitical Aspect of Education in west Africa since independences

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1.STATE OF THE PROBLEM (Present the state of the problem and include a critical review of the existing literature. Explain how this project contributes to the progress of the existing knowledge. All the applications have to describe the relevance of their research project.) (maximum of 3 pages)
2.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY (Give a concise description of what your research is supposed to curry out) (maximum of 1 page)
3.THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK (maximum of 3 pages)
4.HYPOTHESES (To be derived from the Theoretical Framework) (maximum of 1 page)
5.METHODOLOGY (Describe in a concise way how you operationalize your hypotheses. And describe also in a completeness your methods of collection of data, constitution of sample/or sampling, the source of data, etc. Explain how you plan to analyze your data) (maximum of 3 pages)
6.EXPECTED OUTCOMES (maximum of 1 page)
7.TIMELINE TO COMPLETION (Give a timeline for the realization of the project. The period does not exceed 24 months. The timeline should clearly show how far along the research has come and what portions of it remain to be completed
8.BUDGET (Use a Table which indicates expenditure Items and Cost in US Dollars)
9.BUDGET JUSTIFICATION (maximum of 1 page)
10.REFERENCES (Cite only those used in the Proposal)

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