• April 15th, 2016

The Final Country Report

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Final Country Report: Burkina Faso

The Final Country Report will have two distinct sections:

1.The developmental problems of the selected country
2.The policies undertaken by the countrys government to address these problems

Under the first heading, developmental problems, the team will need to explain in detail the major developmental problems of the country and support its claims using the statistical data and analysis developed in the Mid-Term Report.

Under the second heading, policies, the team will explain in detail what the government of the country under study is doing to address its problems and will also evaluate the appropriateness/effectiveness of these policy initiatives. The team should not express its personal opinions or feelings here, but rather should elaborate an informed and logically reasoned analysis based on the methodologies outlined in the textbook, other assigned readings, class discussions and other academic sources of information. In this section, the team must explicitly incorporate theories, economic principles and ideas discussed in class and must also cite its sources.

The reports source citations must follow the format typically found in academic papers and publications such as the Journal of Economic Development, the American Economic Review, The Journal of Economic Literature and many others.

More information can be found at: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01/

A minimum of 10 authoritative sources should be cited in the reference list. They could include books, newspaper articles published by major news organizations and articles in magazines covering economics issues and academic journals. The quantity and quality of sources will have a positive bearing on the report grade. Conversely, unused sources listed simply to impress will negatively affect the grade.

The reference desk at our library can be very helpful in assisting with research efforts.

As with all university-level papers, proper grammar construction, appropriate spelling and some fluidity in the writing style and clarity of exposition is expected.

Length of the Final Country Report: At least 10 pages of actual analysis must be presented to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and capability to apply what has been learned during the semester to produce a cogent, well-reasoned and self-contained case study. Both quality and quantity of analytic insights are important. Remember that this is the equivalent of a take-home Final Exam!

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