• April 27th, 2016

The Farm to Table project

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Select a real-life project you may be interested in.
Critically review the information that you found about the project. Write the paper in your own words. Add your own critical remarks all through the paper.
Write about different aspects of project management related to the selected project. A possible format to present information about the project is to follow the steps of the project life cycle. You must put the information in the context of what you have learned about project management in this course. Simply providing descriptive information about the project without discussing the management aspects of the project would not be sufficient.
The Issue Paper would be on an issue related to project management such as “How the practice of project management in Europe differs from the US,” “Challenges in Managing Virtual Projects,” and “Dealing with Corruption in International Projects.” Since the idea is not to repeat what is already in the textbook, pick a topic that goes beyond what is covered in the textbook. Make sure that you include as many real-life project examples as possible while discussing the issue you selected. Also, include your own analysis of the issue and comments.

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