• April 25th, 2016

The family economics theory

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For this this essay you will choose your topic one of the following theories in the
protective belt of the Neoclassical Scientific Research Program. my protective belt is human capital theory.
In this essay you will describe and analyze the theory of your choice in terms of
the Methodology of Scientific Research Programs (MSRP) by Imre Lakatos. This
means that you will describe the theory in terms of its
– topic and main anomaly it aims to explain
– main assumptions
– axioma’s and models
– relation to the ‘hard core’ of the SRP, and
– whether it is theoretical and/or empirical progressive, and how.
Address in the conclusion your assessment of this auxiliary theory, and whether
you think that Imre Lakatos’ methodology provides a good description of what this
theory is doing or tries to do.
One (three-line maximum) direct quote is allowed. You will provide a list of
references (Chicago style) with a least five references and you will use at least two
scholarly articles.
– a short description of the hard core of the neoclassical SRP,
– a central question or statement

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