• April 4th, 2016

The EU fourth Money Laundering Directive

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The Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive (4MLD) was finally adopted on 20th May 2015.

Explain and evaluate its impact on a firm’s internal AML/CTF policies and procedures in the current climate of increasing cooperation between public institutions and the financial sector, to crack down on illicit money flows including money-laundering, terrorist-financing and corruption.

Your answer should include reference to changes in the following areas:
1. Beneficial Ownership
2. Political Exposed Persons (PEPs)
3. Measures introduced to address concerns around the misuse of the housing market.
4. Compliance with the OCED’s common reporting standard for the automatic exchange of information.

The answer should be in the form a report to be submitted to a working party established to assess the impact and effectiveness of the 4MLD and what policies and procedures firms should put in place to ensure its effective implementation.

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