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The Endocrine System

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The Endocrine System- In report format-no subheadings please
Samuel was walking home from school when he noticed that a group of boys was following him from the year above. All of a sudden he heard one of the boys shouting ‘let’s get him’ and Samuel feeling very stresses at this point decided to run, in fact he ran so fast that the other boys had given up and Samuel was safe at home.
With application to the case study explain in depth and detail how Samuel’s body was able to cope with this situation in terms of adrenal cortex and Medulla hormones release level, resulting in energy burst needed to escape. Finally including in depth how homeostasis comes into play in the regulation of adrenal functions.
INTRO: Explain what you are going to include in this report in reference to the case study. (100 words)
MAIN BODY: 1. Explain the circumstances under which adrenaline is produced with reference to the case study. 2. Describe some of the hormones of adrenal and their effects with reference to the case study. 3. Describe the role the adrenal glands play in maintaining homeostasis with reference to the case study. (650-700 words)
CONCLUSION: Bring report to a close appropriate finish.
[ Please kindly do not use subheadings within the report. Your answers must consistently make reference to the case study relating the situation that Samuel was in as an effective way to apply your knowledge appropriate within your response. You will be expected to demonstrate a clear and accurate level of understanding and accuracy when explaining the roles of the adrenal glands, the hormones produced and the homeostatic function.
Your work should on the whole be grammatically accurate and free of spelling and punctuation errors. Please take time to proofread.
Evidence of extended reading must be demonstrated to support your answer and this should be structured according to the Harvard Style and be accompanied by a bibliography. For the quotes please put direct quotes in ” and then surname of author and year in (). when quotes are not direct and you have changed the words please place them in () so I am aware that they are quotes in case I am going to be asked. Please bear in mind that quotes do not count on word count when I submit it.
Taken as a whole it should demonstrate excellent levels of constistency and accuracy.]
For any additional information or questions please do not hesitate to message me.

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