• March 30th, 2016

The Effect of Age and Gender on Motivation to Work

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1-The Title of the Thesis The Effect of Age and Gender on Motivation to Work :A case Study of Duhok Ploy-Technic University Employees in Iraq 1-Chapter one: Theoretical framework 1-1-The background of the study (3 pages) 1-2- Literature Review (25 pages) 1-3- The significance of the study (1 page) 1-4-The statement of the problem (1 page) 1-5-The limitation of the study (1 page) Notes: for the literature review my outline is below: Literature Review: 1- Motivation definitions. 2- The history of motivation research on business administration. 3-Motivation theories: 3-1 Content of motivation: 3-2Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 3-3Alderfers ERG theory 3-4 MC Clelland’s three needs theory 3-5 Herzberg two- factor model 4-The Importnace of motivation of employees within organizations 5- Gender and motivation 6- Age and motivation 7- The role of motivation 8-The Effects of Intrinsic Motivation Factors on employees 9-The Effects of Extrinsic Motivation Factors on employees 10-Related studies on motivation, gender and age.

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