• April 12th, 2016

The economics of the Olympics or World Cup soccer

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Introduction(1 page max)-Briefly describe the economic issue you selected.-Discussthe focus ofyour paper.Why is this topic importantMain body(5-6pagesmaxnot includingfigures or diagrams)-Provide an analysis of the economic issue using arguments and data from various sources such as academic journal publications, books, and newspaper and/or magazine articles. -You mustidentify and incorporate concepts from the course material. -What you decide to cover in this section is your choice. You should focus on answering important questions such as, why is this issue important.Why do we care? Why did this happen?Why do economic models sometimes fail?-Your discussion can include an historical OR cross-country comparison of the issue if applicable. -Where applicable, a Canadian perspective is encouraged but not necessary. Opinion and recommendations(2-3pagesmax)-Pretend you are in the role of a policy advisor to the government. -Provide your own opinion on the issue and devise some recommendations that could lead to a remedy of the economic issue or prevent the situation from reoccurring in the future. If the economic issue is a positive one –what policies should be implemented so that the benefits are sustained?Conclusion(1 pagemax)-Summarize your paper concisely.-What was the topic? Why was it important? What are the key issues you uncovered in your analysis? What is your recommendation?

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