• January 3rd, 2017

The Contours of Labor

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Paper 1 – The Contours of Labor

Question for Paper One/The Contours of Labor: Discuss which of Marx’s notions of class and class struggle are supported, challenged and redefined by groupings and the other readings in section 1. In your conclusion, reflect on your own work experience and illustrate how it connects with the main point of your paper.


1. Begin with an introduction that ends with a thesis statement that answers the question. DO NOT COPY THE FOLLOWING EXAMPLE BUT USE IT AS A FRAMEWORK TO ORGANIZE YOUR PAPER.

2. The safest way to construct the thesis is to first define CLASS STRUGGLE (do not summarize the Marx reading—define class struggle). Then follow with a sentence that states the authors x and y support class struggle as Marx conceived it, while authors and b redefine it for changing conditions. Finally, others such as blank and blank challenge Marx’s notion of class struggle.

3. Support your general thesis with details throughout the paper. That is, use the factors in your thesis to shape the paper. Support general statements with brief quotes (rarely do you need to exceed a 1-2 sentence quotes) or evidence from the readings. Cite specific pages if available or paragraph number if it is not too unwieldly). But YOU MUST INCLUDE SUPPORTING EVIDENCE FROM THE READINGS in the main body. REFER TO THE READINGS SUPPLIED AND SOURCES IN THE LINKS GIVEN IN THE WORD DOCUMENT. NO NEED TO USE EXTERNAL SOURCES. That is, if you say so and so supports the notion of class struggle show precisely where and explain why. Try to think in the main body about detail vs. generalizations and go with the precise detail that supports your thesis.

4. USE TOPIC SENTENCES for paragraphs and include information on that topic only in the paragraph.

5. “Group” authors who make similar arguments-place similar ideas in proximity.

6. Cite the authors to support your point. Use multiple quotes. Be sure to reference each quote or citation with the page number.

7. Answer the question at hand; do not formulate new questions! Define class struggle and how the other support, challenge and redefine it only. Do NOT summarize all the readings.

8. After your paper include the following statement ” read these instructions and tried my best to follow steps 1-8.” This lets me know that you at least put in the effort to read this, while identifying those who simply are not putting in the effort to read 8 sentences of instructions that are designed to help you. It helps let me know who is serious about their work.

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