• January 8th, 2017

The colorblind painter

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Read ″the colorblind painter″ in An Anthpologist on Mars. By references to the text, discuss the stages of transformation of the colorblind painter after he loses his ability to see color. How does he not only overcome his adversity, but in the final stage how does he discover a new perspective about art that he would not have discovered if he had not become colorblind? Finally, why does he refuse and operation to restore his ability to see color. 1st paragraph: Introduction -who is the colorblind painter? -what accident happened to him? -how did it affect his ability to see color? 2nd paragraph: -1st stage Sees the world as grey. ″Disgusting″ Suicidal 3rd paragraph: 2nd stage -turning point -night person -apocalyptic sunrise 4th paragraph: 3rd stage Artistic rebirth.

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