• April 7th, 2016

The change in the style of management in Nissan company in 19990 it made the profits the debts

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Research hypothesis:

The causes of debts in Nissan Company in 1999 came from the effect of Japanese traditional in administration and management like:
Central system.
Executive department did not has authority wide.
Get a promotion depends of the seniority.
The barriers of free market in Japan.

Nissan fixed the problem after 2002 because they changed their business management.

Research Questions:

What were the causes of the debts in Nissan?
What were the steps Nissan took to cover these debts?
How did Nissan change his huge losses /debts into profits?
What were the debts before change in the style of management in 1999? How big were the debts? Was there a trend before 1999 in profits falling? What were the different styles of management in Nissan?
How the Japanese traditions affected the management of Nissan? Lean production
What is the effect of the alliance between Renault Company and Nissan?
7. How can the free market make positive or a negative effect in business? Look at regulations that the Japanese Government have in relation to takeovers and control of companies at this time

Research objectives:


To analyze the impact of the change in the management in Nissan company from 1999.


To describe how Nissan change its management.
To identify the causes of the debts in Nissan company in 1999.
To determine the steps that Nissan did to cover the debts.
To assess the effect of the alliance between Nissan and Renault.
To evaluate how the free market can have a positive or negative effect in business.

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