• April 9th, 2016

The Cause of Homelessness in America

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Define your method of research. Is it qualitative or quantitative? Action research? Evaluation research? Life history research?

Describe your entry negotiations if working with another organization.

How was your data collected or research conducted? Provide detail such as dates of interviews.

Why did you choose these data collection methods? What were the advantages and disadvantages?

Who was the data collected from and why? Describe the participants only as it pertains to the study, for example, position in organization, gender, or geography. Do not include names of people interviewed unless it is necessary to the findings and written permission is first granted.

What attitudes were encountered during data collection? Was there collaboration/resistance?

How did you analyze the data? Was a statistical package used (e.g. NVivo)? Software (e.g. Excel)? or Hand tabulations?

What difficulties were encountered when conducting the research and how were they addressed? If there were no difficulties, state what went right.

What changes had to be made to your original project plan?

Include tables or graphs if it helps describe the process.

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