• April 26th, 2016

The analyze of real-world case of negotiation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Module Assessment

A written essay (2,500 words) to be submitted to the School Office (100% of the final mark).

The essay is designed to give you the opportunity to learn as much as you can by
analyzing “real life” negotiations that take place outside of our classroom, so as to better
understand your own approach to negotiations and to develop a personal agenda for
on-going improvement as a negotiator.

Complex real-world negotiations are all around us. We read about them in the press
every day. You should carefully analyze such a complex
real-world negotiation, using the concepts you have learned in this class.
1. Be sure to ultimately conclude with the lessons YOU have learned from your analysis, about the mistakes and/or successes of the people involved, and how you will incorporate these
lessons into your own future negotiations.
2.Again, through this analysis and by making comparisons to your own approach to negotiating, the ultimate point is to get a sense of your main strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator,
3.and to develop your own personal agenda for improvement as a negotiator beyond the boundaries of this course.

(Once you choose the case of real world negotiation, give me a copy of the case so I can add that in the appendix, you can just analysis the case in the paper and give original case in appendix.)
Reading and Resources

Required Texts:

Cialdini. Influence: Science and Practice, Fifth Edition
Fisher, Ury, & Patton. Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Third Edition
Additional Reading:

Specific articles and textbook chapters will be posted to Study Direct before the assigned class.

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