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The Alchemist

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The Alchemist Essay

Your next writing project is to write an informative essay about The Alchemist that shows your understanding of the book and your writing skills.

Writing Prompt:
The Alchemist is a story about a boys quest for happiness. Describe the obstacles and lessons Santiago experiences on his quest. Explore how Coelho describes these obstacles and lessons through his use of symbolism, imagery, character development, figurative language, themes, and conflicts. Consider the entire book, especially the ending. This is an informational (not narrative) essay; dont use the words I or me.

Paragraph One: Hook and Thesis
Your thesis should answer the following: What obstacles and lessons does Santiago encounter on his quest? How does Coelho develop these obstacles and lessons? (symbolism, imagery, themes, etc.)

Paragraph Two
Paragraph Three
Paragraph Four
Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence, the main point of the paragraph.
Each paragraph centers on a different literary element and how it contributes to the lessons and obstacles of the book. Choose three of the following, one for each paragraph: symbolism, imagery, character development/complexities, figurative language, themes, conflicts.
Each paragraph has at least three different examples from the book, with a quote for each one.
After each quote, you should have at least 2-3 sentences of your own commentary. Your commentary describes in your own words the significance of the quote to the books lessons.

Paragraph Five: Conclusion
Your conclusion should focus on the ending of the book and its irony and lessons.

Citations and Works Cited:
After each quote, cite the authors last name and page number if you are using the physical book. Include a Works Cited Page as your final page. It will only have one source, The Alchemist.

You will be assessed in four areas with the following grades:

Excellent: A=25/25
Solid: B= 20/25
Developing but Needs Improvement: C= 18/25
Inadequate: F

5 paragraphs. Strong Thesis and Topic Sentences. Transitions between
paragraphs. Paragraphs are developed.
Evidence from Book:
3 quotes per body paragraph, properly introduced and cited. Uses meaningful evidence that proves your points. Explores important literary elements.
Commentary and Critical Thought:
For each quote, minimum of two sentences of commentary in your own words. Shows critical thinking, insight, and understanding of the novel.
Revised for proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, clear sentences, and MLA

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