• April 9th, 2016

Textual Analysis Essay

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To compose a superior analysis essay, you must intelligently choose your components. When composing a piece of creative writing, you can choose your components creatively. Sometimes those same creative choices can help composing analytical essays, so the purpose of this unit is to understand and develop the use of choices you can make in your own texts.

This is an analysis essay because you will be discussing two questions:
-WHY did the author choose this textual strategy?
-HOW did the author’s choice contribute (or not contribute) to the thesis/larger idea?
For this assignment, choose any text from Writing as Revision that we have previously discussed in class and analyze the textual strategies used by that author and how they contributed to the overall meaning.

Things to Consider:
-Summary of the text will be necessary, but more space should be devoted to description of language, textual strategies, and effectiveness. Your own thinking MUST appear in the form of a thesis statement and analysis.
-You do not have to appreciate a particular story or textual strategy to be able to talk about it; often what you dislike, disagree with, or don’t understand (cognitive dissonance) can help you generate discussion.

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