• January 4th, 2017

Terrorism IP 5

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As terrorists step up the methodology and the atrociousness of subsequent acts and the government responds with ever-increasing surveillance, intelligence gathering, searches, and directives, many feel that there is an erosion in the freedom of movement in the United States.
Assignment Guidelines
• Address the following in 10–12 pages:
o Does current research show that there is a point of equilibrium between homeland security and maintaining the fundamental civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? Will security issues ever trump the freedom of U.S. citizens? Explain.
 Use examples from scholarly and academic sources to support your response.
o What was the PATRIOT Act’s role in establishing the use of fusion centers across the country? Explain.
 What was the intended outcome in establishing these U.S. fusion centers between U.S. intelligence agencies and local law enforcement agencies? Explain.
 What are the short-term benefits and consequences of using fusion centers to improve information sharing among the various agencies throughout the different levels of government? Explain.
 What are the long-term benefits and consequences? Explain.
o What are 2 other specific response tactics to the terrorist threat to the United States? Describe and explain.
 When were these tactics implemented? Describe.
 What is the purpose of these tactics? Explain.
 How are civil liberties addressed with regard to these tactics? Explain.
 Are these tactics effective at fulfilling their intended purpose? Why or why not? Use research to support your claims.

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