• April 14th, 2016

Term Project

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1) Provide a cultural profile of both the country where the company is headquartered (USA) as well as the country where it will start manufacturing operations (MEXICO) using concepts of International Management. This part, around 300 words, should help understand what local workers are like.


2) Describe the environment (business, social, legal, political, demographic, etc.) and critical operational factors in the country where we are going to establish a manufacturing plant (MEXICO) and explain how these might affect your company. This part should be around 300 words.


3) Explain the rationale for the staffing policy (e.g. ethnocentric, polycentric, global) you will use for top-level, medium level, lower level managers, and other positions.


4) Explain the kinds of leadership, decision-making, and motivational systems you think will be most effective in the host country which is MEXICO.

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