• April 25th, 2016

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Please summarize for me in three or four pages what Sober says in Chapter 19, pages 204 (start with the section titled What is the Mind/Body Problem?) to 207 (stop when you get to the section titled An Analogy) plus page 210 (the section titled Descartes Second Argument for Dualism The Divisibility Argument). Your purpose is to state what question the mind-body amounts to and to give Descartes two answers to it. Critical question: in his section of Problems for Further Thought (pg. 211) Sober asks, in question 2, Is a statue identical with the stone it is made of? First, give me your intuitive answer to the question and second, consider it from the perspective of Leibnizs Law, as characterized on pages 205-206 in your books. Would a person who agrees with Leibnizs Law claim that the statue and the stone are different things or one thing? If so, why? If you choose to write on this topic, you paper is due on Monday, April 25. I look forward to reading your papers.

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