• March 27th, 2016

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This assignment is a 3 page double-spaced paper on a key topic, question, or issue you find interesting within the course material. Look at it through a critical lens exploring its general idea, significance, and impact on the past/present/future of Ukraine. The paper should consist mostly of your ideas and not just be a collection of quotations from other sources.
Lecture 1: Introduction to Ukraine
Lecture 2: The Origins and History of the Kyivan Rus
Lecture 3: Ukrainian Language, Folklore, and Folk Art
Lecture 4: The Cossack Era
Lecture 5: Ukrainian Culture in the 18th Century
Lecture 6: 19th Century Ukraine; Ukrainian Literature
Lecture 7: Ukraine in World War 1
Lecture 8: The Beginning of the Soviet Era, Ukrainian Renaissance of the 1920s and Stalin’s Terror in Ukraine
Lecture 9: Ukraine in World War II
Lecture 10: The Thaw, Khrushchev and Agriculture
Lecture 11: From Khrushchev through Ukrainian Independence; Chornobyl and its Aftermath
Lecture 12A: Modern Ukrainian Agriculture
Lecture 12B: Ukrainian Education
Lecture 13: The Decade of Independence, Modern Ukrainian Politics, Ukraine’s Political Future
Lecture 14: New Writing from Ukraine, Bu-Ba-Bu and Yuri Andrukhovych
Lecture 15: Major Ukrainian Cities
These lists are the course materials and if you need further information about each lecture, contact me.

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