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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

PART A – Research Report
[This is where you will focus on explaining your research findings]
This going to be focus on Fashion magazine. How does the fashion magazine influence the customer;
-Do you normally seek fashion magazine for daily outfit inspiration. (small discussion to be surveyed and analysed) Methodology thing
-What are you focusing when you read fashion magazine. (small discussion to be surveyed and analysed) Methodology part.

(approx. 1750 words)
section 1: Introduction: research aim, research question, significance of research.
Section 2: Limitations of research; what possible challenge. (creative writing)
Section 3: Methodology; Primary research : explanation of methods used, etc. survey ( which provided later on to be included in). Secondary research: Journal article to be added by you such as tedtalk, youtube, website, academic journal. Also explaining both qualitative and quantitative data which can support the survey that I’ ve done.
Section 4: Analysis of findings: including results, outcome, findings and recommendations.
Additionally “result” section is where the survey chart displayed
Section 5: Conclusions
Section6: reference list

PART B – Professional Reflection (creative writings)
[This is where you will reflect on the whole learning experience]
(approx. 800 words)

this is about:
individual skills self evaluation
(eg. Problems you encountered, expectations, anything to improve, etc.)

• You are assessed on your ability to show reflection, consideration and honesty in evaluating your strengths and weaknesses.
The three skill areas you need to evaluate are your:

• 8.1.1 Research Skills and Procedure

• choosing topic and focus
Did you change your topic? Did you refine it? Why?
Did any discussions with particular people help you choose your focus?

• deciding research questions
Did your research questions change as you did more research?
Explain why you needed to make changes.

• resources
Where did you find your resources?
What different types of research sources did you use?
Which were most/least useful? And why?
Did you try any new methods of research?

• 8.1.2 Oral Communication Skills

• presenting material to an audience
In which area of the oral presentation do you most need to improve?
What did you do well?
Did any particular choices or decisions you made about what you chose to present help you?
Consider your teacher’s comments and audience feedback.

• 8.1.3 Organisational Skills

• meeting deadlines
Which deadlines were most difficult to meet and why?
Which aspects of the process were most time consuming?
How could you improve on this?
Did you manage your time wisely/effectively or did you waste time?

• recording research correctly
Is this the first time you have written a reference list?
What were the biggest challenges?

• managing your resources (files and folders etc.)
Note that the dot points above give a framework for your reflection.

You do not have to answer every question. Use them as a guide only.

Section 9: SELF-EVALUATION – Expo performance [approximately 200 words]

This is where you reflect on your preparation and performance at the DTRP EXPO

• In this section of the written report, you are expected to focus on the process of communicating your findings through the Expo and evaluate how well you believe you did in the different aspects of this process.
• To be completed AFTER your expo performance.

You must address the following four dot points:

• 9.1.1 Mode of Delivery

• E.g. Did you use a powerpoint, prezi, poster?
• Did you mix it up with Audio Visula or Multi Media?
• (Describe how your information was communicated

• 9.1.2 Justification

• Why out of all the options did your group think this was the best way to communicate your findings?
• Could include advantages/disadvantages of different methods here

• 9.1.3 Evaluation – Collaboration
• How well did the group work together for the Expo?
• How well did you contribute to the Expo?
• What about the other individuals? (make sure if you are talking about other group members that your comments always remain respectful. )

• 9.1.4 Evaluation – Research Quality
• Was your data strong compared to other groups?
• Was there enough information to make strong conclusions for the audience?
• If you had to do it again, how would you change your search for data for the expo?

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