• January 3rd, 2017

Technology and Young Children

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Recall the preschools you have visited and the DVD program you viewed last week that featured Robert Recio’s preschool classroom. Consider all that you have observed about how computers—combined with well-chosen software—can be a valuable resource for building early literacy skills. As early childhood professionals work with families to support literacy learning, it is critically important that they select appropriate software and online resources for preschool children to use at home. This week’s readings on technology and young children provide guidance on using computers in developmentally appropriate ways.

Review the three technology-related articles in the Learning Resources this week. Also visit at least one recommended technology website listed under the Optional Resources to look for additional information and insights you would share with preschool families.

By Day 3:

Post your responses to the following:

• Explain how you would recommend that a family with a preschool-age child use a computer as a developmentally appropriate learning resource to support early literacy at home. Cite references to support your views.

• Explain a technology-related caution that you would pass along to the family, and cite your reasoning and source(s).

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