• April 15th, 2016

Team building report- the name of you team is Olympus consulting. The module is Consunlting in organisations

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1.The the report is where your team is required to draw on relevant theories including those specified as core and recommended reading materials, to explain your understanding of the consultancy process as it developed. You are also required to explain what you learnt from the various module related activities. You should provide relevant examples of these activities to help verify what your team learnt. To achieve this, you must explain what your team did, what happened, what was the impact and what was the outcome.
For example, you can refer to Bruce Tuckmans team development theory to explain how your team progressed through each of the team development stages. This begins with the forming stage so you should explain what you were required to do to form your team, referring to what Tuckman says tends to happen at this stage to demonstrate your understanding of this process.
You must make reference to Senges fifth disciplines as it is the core theory that underpins this module. You should discuss this theory in context with the consultancy task and your teams learning while giving relevant examples for each of the disciplines based on the teams activities and the consultancy task etc. For example, to explain your understanding of Shared Vision, which is one of Senges disciplines, you could describe how your team identified a suitable logo and vision statement and how this helped everyone in the team to understand and agree on their meaning, therefore creating a shared team vision.

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