• April 21st, 2016

Task: Write an essay, which critically examines the development and value of multi-agency working in the UK.

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The focus needs to be on the principles and intentions that underlie the concept of multi-agency partnerships. Critically examine means to look in close detail and establish the key facts and important issues surrounding a topic. Therefore, you must consider the agencies that work in partnership to support learners in your setting ( a primary school), the process and intention of multi-agency working and, the validity of the concept in terms of ensuring learner support and progress.
E.g.: Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH)- Bringing together a number of agencies including police, children’s social care and health services under one roof (‘co-location’), a MASH can combine the expertise and resources of several bodies in order to identify children and young people who are at risk of child sexual exploitation and refer them to the appropriate agency for action and support.

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