• April 11th, 2016

Task 1, Task 2, Task 3

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There are 3 tasks. In Task 2, you are not required to report numbers. You need to simply discuss their use of measurement system going through the Statement of notes to the accounts (e.g. accounting polices and basis for preparation section) and critically analyse and discuss them.

Week 4 lecture and tutorial should give you some understanding of the measurement issues. You must have covered that last week and, if not due to Easter holiday, you will this week.

What we are looking for is your literature review skills and critical analysis ability.

Please pay due attention to Format and Presentation of the report Section of the assignment in Page 3 and prepare assignment strictly adhering those specifications. 10 marks allocated for Referencing also include for QUALITY OF WRITING (E.G. ERROR FREE, COHERENCY, EASILY READABILITY etc).

Make sure your CITATION and REFERENCING is appropriately done. I have always come across inappropriately done citation and referencing quite frequently. It can easily be done just by following the referencing guidelines. They are everywhere (e.g.any university website which can easily be accessed from google search).

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