• April 5th, 2016

Talent development

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Question One


James Sproule, chief economist at the Institute of Directors, said that in an era of major technological change, businesses should be focusing more on agility than productivity.


“The economy of the future looks set to be dominated not by big companies, but by fast, agile, quick-moving and reactive ones. The firms that can respond to consumer demands most effectively and bring new products and services to market will reap the rewards,” he said.

(People Management, September 2015)


Part A (50% of mark): Compare and contrast the characteristics of an agile organisation, as described by Sproule, with those of a learning organisation,




Part B (50% of mark: Evaluate ways in which an organisation might encourage and support knowledge sharing.


Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:


  • To engage critically with academic theory underpinning strategic human resource development / learning and talent development.


  • To explain and evaluate the relevance of these theories to business practice.


Word Count: 3000 words


APA/Harvard referencing format should be used (the reference list does not contribute to the word count)


Diagrams, figures and tables may be included (and these do not contribute to the word count)

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