• April 23rd, 2016

Take a photograph and then write a creative response

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This is your chance to create a performance of your own by building on the various arguments and critiques we have advanced in class. This assignment will follow the format of Humans of New York (Please “like” the page on Facebook) and it will involve you using the medium of photography as performance. You will take the image of (a) subject(s), provide it with a caption and write a two-paragraph artistic statement that answers the following questions: What story are you trying to tell? Why is this story important? What are the arguments that you considered before settling on a choice of subject? What ethical challenges did you face when planning your photo session and how did you navigate them? What social critique are you making and what audience do you hope to reach with this?

You will be graded based on your artistry, the critical questions you raised and the thoughtfulness of the responses you displayed including how all these elements are reflected in your work.

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