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System operating management

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System operating management.
Assignment: 2000 words
1. Specialism Topic
Select one from the following three options and write 600 word summary topic.

Option 1: Describe the role of information system in careers in one of the following areas: Accounting /finance, Human resources, Marketing, and operation management, and explain how careers in information system have been affected by new technologies and outsourcing.

Option2: Explain the role of human resource management in operations. The discussion should look at the strategic importance of managing people in operations settings. You can use chapter 9, entitled people; jobs and organization from Slack et al.(2014) Operations Management 7th edition as a starting point.

Option 3: For an organisation of your choice, write a 600 word short case that summarizes how they have strategically harnessed the use of operations and /or information system. You could consider using Gartner research as a starting point.

Question 2.

Apply relevant models to analyze the main micro-operations at Happyland Garden Center.This could include one or more theoretical modules: the input process-output model; the value chain model and business process mapping. Evaluate the problem faced by Don Dursley in managing and developing his center. (800words)

Question 3.

Complete a mind map/rich picture to identify and explore the potential people; management and technology issues at Happyland Garden Center. Analyze how to improve the operations at Happyland Garden Center considering the potential issues. (800 words)

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