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Use this outline to guide your essay. Delete the outline before submitting your essay. Objective: Use an example from the Arab world to describe the process of citizens forcing a government to change its course. Guiding Questions: What is the role of government? How do people challenge a government if it is not fulfilling its duties? What are consequences of these challenges? Paragraph 1 – Introduction and Country Profile In this paragraph, you should include the following: Opening Sentence(s) – This sentence give a broad (general) statement about your essay and the topic you will discuss. Egypt is a large and strategically important country located in North Africa which has recently experienced major social and political changes. 3-4 informational sentences which describe the country you have researched. Introduce the essay concepts you wish to include, including Country Profile, Social/Political Conditions prior to the movement, The Social/Political Movement, and Consequences of the Movement. Egypt’s strategic location borders and connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas. It is a Muslim majority country and the gateway to the Arabian Peninsula. Egypt’s people/economy/main political partners, etc… Because of its importances, the movement to remove Hosni Mubarak from power created a major transition… Thesis statement – Here, you will declare your main argument which will set up the rest of your paper. The Egyptian Revolution unleashed a wave of frustration against leadership and led to _______…. Paragraph 2 – Conditions before Movement This paragraph should include your first supporting reason which helps explains your thesis (the role of government and attempts by people to change it). Remember to stay focused on the guiding questions and use evidence from you readings and other course materials. Write in your own logical voice and use coursework as evidence to support your thesis. (Intro sentence) In order to understand the impact of the Egyptian Revolution(s), one must first look to the causes of the frustrations of the Egyptian People… (Focus Sentence) [Conditions of Government rule or society] caused life for the average Egyptian to be hopeless. (Transition) Now that the conditions of life in Egypt before the social movement have been discussed, it is important to look into the planning, goals and actions of the movement for change. Paragraph 3 – The Change/Challenge to Power This paragraph will be the same format as paragraph 2, but with a new focus and evidence from your sources. The focus of this paragraph is on Challenge or Change in the government. The Egyptian people endured the authoritarian rule of their leaders for many years, but their patience ended on ____________ , when _________________ happened. These events led to further protests as millions of Egyptians…. Paragraph 4 – Consequences/Results Similar to previous two paragraphs, but focused on the effects of the transition in power. Although Egyptians tried to maintain peace and order throughout their public demonstrations, the country has seen tumultuous (chaotic) times lately… Paragraph 5 – Reflection This paragraph will serve as a reflection of the situation you researched and the other stories you heard. Please think about (not a list to be answered!) the following questions as you construct a reflective paragraph: How would you feel living in one of the societies we researched? What things are you happy for with the U.S. government? What should change? What is the purpose of government? How do societies get into situations where their leaders are corrupt, brutal or tyrants? What do you think societies of the future will be like? Will future societies be more or less free? Why? What can you do to ensure a future government doesn’t oppress you or your family? This paragraph shouldn’t be a list of answers, but rather a thoughtful commentary on the topics you have researched, shared and discussed. *Remember – Plagiarism is using someone else’s words and ideas as your own. No biting or copying allowed! Give the authors’ credit for their work and cite according to example (using Easybib). Put exact wording from a source in “quotes.” Examples of Citation: The Tunisian people were protesting human rights abuses and lack of economic mobility in the country. The protests turned into a movement which ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali from power and sent him into exile on the Arabian Peninsula (Hartocollis 2015). Bibliography Hartocollis, Anemona. “A Family Swept Up in the Migrant Tide.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 21 Oct. 2015. Web. 23 Oct. 2015.

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