• January 8th, 2017

Synthesizing Information and Criminal Justice

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Your loved one needs treatment for a medical condition. Are you more likely to utilize a medical protocol described in a leading medical journal, or a product from an infomercial? Even during the process of tracking down resources on a particular topic you may evaluate resources with varying levels of quality.

Once you find good resources, you also need to get to the point, by synthesizing information, extracting only the key points of each source without losing any of the key information. Tracking down information and summarizing it might be frustrating at first, but with practice it becomes easier and constitutes a valuable tool that can be used in virtually every aspect of the criminal justice system.


For this Assignment, consider resources used in criminal justice. In addition, focus on how to paraphrase from a resource without plagiarizing. Examine the different types of information sources in addition to summarization resources that are available when you begin to research a particular topic. Select 5 interrelated resources that pertain to your area of interest in the field of criminal justice.


The Assignment (2–3 pages)

  • Explain the area of criminal justice in which you are interested
  • Provide a synthesis of the 5 resources you selected
  • Be sure to use proper APA formatting
  • Explain how you might use your resource synthesis in the area of Criminal Justice in which you are interested

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