• April 25th, 2016

Sustainability Management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Topic: Critically evaluate on a corporation of your choice from the perspective of business ethics on corporate social responsibility using two contrasting conceptual or theoretical approach

  1. Boston College Reporting
  2. Creating Shared Value
  • Stakeholder – Shareholder OR
  1. Carols Freedman’s Theory

What to do: Choose a multinational company and research on their policies; work structure; staff welfare, CSR program and their business ethics. (Industry or multinational company like tobacco industries, oil & gas, cars etc.)

NOTE This Model is about sustainability management on “climate change”.

  • How does multinational company or big Industry like oil & gas contribute to climate change
  • What is the impact of their CRS program on climate change?


  • What is climate change?
  • What is waste management?
  • What happen to chemicals waste?
  • What is their contribution to climate change?
  • What are the CSR activates the company is doing to support climate change
  • Look at their 5years annual report expenditure’s on CSR program

Apply any CSR theories and principles to the case study example of business behavior reflecting on our role as citizen’s social actors, managers, leaders and human beings responding to the challenges of sustainability.

NOTE: This assignment need data analysis of the choosen company including figure’s and tables






Introduction – 250 – 300words

  • The aim or purpose of your report
  • A very brief overview of your chosen corporation
  • A final paragraph that outline the ext section of your report.

Theoretical / Conceptual Approach and Analysis

Organize the section of your report into two sub-sections with appropriate heading, one for each of your approaches. Each sub-section may include further sub-section with headings. For each sub-section, you should:

  • Clearly explain the theoretical or conceptual approach that you are going to apply and why it is relevant for your aims/purpose. Include any debates about or criticisms and weaknesses of the approach.
  • Specify the martial you are going to analyse, It’s source and why it’s relevant for this analysis
  • Systematically apply the analytical approach to your material and explain the findings


Discussion and conclusions

  • Discuss, compare and contrast the findings from your two analyses, including contradictory findings and what could account for them
  • Relate your findings and discussion to the aims and purpose of the report and specfy any conclusions you have reached.

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