• April 17th, 2016

Sustainability in business means managing your economic bottom line whilst also protecting the social and environmental resources on which your business relies. (Continued on order description)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Essay Question: Discuss this statement with reference to the idea of the triple bottom line and a real world business of your choice. (Can also use different businesses to support different sides of discussion if need be)(1500 words).

“All essays should contain a minimum of 10 references (these must include the starter references listed for your topic). Chosen references will demonstrate your engagement with key academic concepts whilst also showing the ability to source reputable industry based information relating to your chosen case study (examples)”. (Note to references within the essay). “References should follow UTS Harvard reference style”

Starter references (must include):
i) Hopwood, B., Mellor, M., & O’Brien, G. (2005). Sustainable development: mapping different approaches. Sustainable development, 13(1), 38-52.

ii) Kuehn, K. (2014). Sustainability a CFO can love.(cover story). Harvard Business Review, 92(4), 66-74.

If you are unable to locate these, let me know and I’ll send the pdf versions over.

Key sections of the marking criteria I want focused on (D/HD):
– Writing is objective; logical.

– Explicitly recognizes bias, inconsistencies and omissions reflected in sources.

– Interpretation is comprehensive.

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