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Supply Chain Management | UK US Essays
  • March 25th, 2016

Supply Chain Management

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Compare and contrast the supply chains that are involved when Citizen A buys a gallon of milk from the local store and on the same day, Citizen B places an online order for a personalised pair of trainers. Your comparative analysis may make assumptions and consider any aspect of supply chain management but must address the following:

• The process views of the chains involved, including a discussion of the flows and time frames.
• The supply network designs and structures involved, including a discussion of facilities, inventory, transportation and IT.
• The supply and demand planning involved, including a discussion of forecasting and coordination.
• The cross-functional decisions involved, including a discussion of sourcing, revenue management and sustainability.

(Please use Calibri font size 11 at 1.5 spacing throughout)

This coursework examines understanding of Supply Chain Fundamentals & Supply Chain Design.

Please note, that this is a Supply Chain assignment – please focus on supply chain management and resist the temptation to drift into more general management areas unless you can clearly show the significance and relevance.

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