• April 19th, 2016

Supplemental Assignment

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In Blackboard, in the Reading & Study folder for Module/Week 6, you will find 2 articles:


  1. The Transition from Middle School to High School as a Developmental Process Among Latino Youth


  1. The Role of Spiritual Development in the Cross-Cultural Reentry Adjustment of Missionaries


Read both articles and write a brief annotated bibliography in current APA format. An annotated bibliography can be a summary, assessment, or personal reflection of a journal article you have used as a source. For this assignment, you will provide 1 paragraph of ‘personal reflection’ for each source. Each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences, but no more than 8. Provide a title page and 1–2 pages of text. Follow the sample below (Note: the sample is for a ‘summary’ and not a ‘personal reflection,’

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