• April 14th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Compose a  one-page summary ofThe smartest kids in the world by Amamda Ripley’s
recommendations in Appendix I on how to spot a World-class education. Explain both her
recommendations and her justification for them.
Writing the summary:
Early in the summary, mention the title of the text, the name of theü author and a
general description of the work, concept, or point you want to summarize.
Maintain a neutral tone; be objectiüve.
Use the third-person point of view and the present tense: Ripleyü proposes
that…The term PISA means….
Put all or most of your summary in your own words; if you borrow aü phrase or a
sentence from the text, put it in quotation marks and give the page number in
Limit yourself to presenting the text’s key points: don’t retell inü detail all the
examples used to support a point.
Using signal phrases:
Groups of words called “signal phrases” make it clear that the ideas you are
summarizing are not your own. Also use in-text citations.

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