• March 15th, 2016

Study of a Community Social Service Agency

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Paper based on these 3 questions: Agency’s Name: Family Resource Center of South Florida Agency’s Website: http://frcflorida.org/ 1. What are the agency’s sources of funding? (Their lead agency OurKids funds them with money. They also get grants from the government.) Website for their lead agency: http://www.ourkids.us/ 2. What relationships does the agency have with other social service organizations and the surrounding community? They have a great relationship with other social service organizations. They bring them clients and funds as well. They are very involved with the community. Example They make sure that the daycares they send their clients to have a gold seal. 3. Does the agency accept FIU social work field placement students? BSW or MSW? Both? Yes, they accept social work field placement students both BSW and MSW. 4. A PowerPoint of 3 slides base on the three questions.

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