• March 30th, 2016

Strategic rewards For SAS

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Throughout the course you have been developing a final research paper addressing an HR/Compensation Rewards Systems for a particular organization. The Evaluation Research Project asks you to evaluate the appropriateness of a specific organization’s HR compensation and benefit policies and practices in terms of their strategic goals, objectives, and mission. The subject of your paper is human resource practices, policies, and function. Your 8-10 page APA formatted, double-spaced paper will be the result of your having:

Selected an organization that will allow you access to its human resource department and strategic materials
Collected information from the company regarding its HR/Compensation policies and practices
Examined information from the company’s publications (e.g., Annual Reports, Web sites, etc.) concerning its performance and practices
Analyzed and evaluated your findings, pinpointing practices and programs that (a) should be changed or modified to better meet the organization’s performance objectives and (b) those currently in use that are optimal for their objectives
Assignment Checklist:

Evaluate the relationship between strategic reward systems and an organizations ability to achieve business objectives.
Examine company policies and procedures and practices found in company publications and articles on the organization completed by researchers.
Evaluate findings, practiced, programs to determine correlation between strategic rewards systems and organizational success.
Recommend reward initiatives to improve the relationship between rewards systems and organizational success.

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