• April 26th, 2016

Strategic Plan

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



The assignment is separated into three key areas;


PART 1) Job expectations


PART 2) Professional development


PART 3) Skill translation and self-care


The following provides an explanation and hints of what is expected under each section.


1) Part 1: Job Expectations (400 words)                                                               


In this section we want you to consider the role of the paramedic. This section asks you to consider professional and employer expectations, your expectations of the role and what that means to you.  Understanding the role allows you to make decisions regarding future job opportunities and professional conduct. The following questions are suggestions to help you think about paramedics as a career, the skills and the changing role:


  1. What is involved in being a paramedic?
  2. b. What do you think the profession and employers expects of the role?
  3. What are your expectations?
  4. What skills do you require?



In this section briefly outline what you believe the role of a paramedic to be and support this with reference to literature. Examples of literature that would support your personal statement could be:


Publications from Paramedics Australasia or equivalent definitions from international peak bodies representing paramedics.

role position statements from ambulance services,

ambulance services annual reports,

texts and peer reviewed articles that define and describe the paramedic role.

Ambulance service annual reports, submissions to government, national registration proposals and statements of code of conduct will provide an overview of the professions expectations both at a state and national level.


2) Part 2: Professional Development (500 words)   


In this section we want you to think about the skills required to be a paramedic, how they are maintained and the professional development required for clinical competency. As the profession becomes independently regulated professional development will become a greater responsibility for paramedics and ambulance services. It is important to understand what might be required in terms of training and education and strategies to maintain these skills.


The following questions are suggestions to help you think about the paramedic skill base and how these can be maintained:


  1. a) What skill set have you gained through the degree and how do you think these may change and be maintained in the future?


  1. b) With changes in the paramedic role to a broader scope of practice and more focus on primary health care how does this effect the skills needed by paramedics and how will that effect your own professional development?


  1. c) How would you obtain these further skills?




In this section reflect on the direction of prehospital emergency care


e.g. professional registration, increasing scope of practice, the inclusion of extended and community care paramedics in metropolitan and regional / rural locations in providing more primary care.

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