• March 9th, 2016

Strategic management 2 (progress report )

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Instruction stage 1 VERBAL PROGRESS REPORT
You should do the verbal progress report on page 3 of the file I have uploaded to my order ,it is detailed the steps the lecturer want you to follow when doing the verbal progress report . the steps are as followed
Two pages in length and should detail the following;
– Overall project management schedule.
– Individual decision making. (How the work is assigned/
approved etc)
– Specific individual assignment responsibilities.
– The research undertaken and details of the progress to date.
– The challenges and difficulties encountered by the group and
details of how they are being overcome.
– The proposed work schedule to ensure completion of the project
on time. (It is highly recommended that you strive to complete
the project several days in advance of the submission date)
– Any other relevant information.
This how I think you should do the verbal progress report
1 you have to create a schedule with dead lines and the task you going to complete . you can see all the task you have to do on page1 and page 2 and you can assign each task to your schedule
2. what ever you create in the schedule you input it in the project manager
3. your responsibility of doing the project and what time you will be doing the project and days you will be doing the project. The project is to be completed on 18th of April so you can do it between that time frame
4 how you going to conduct the research and doing the project. example like saying you will be going to the laibry, going online and so on
5 the challenges you facing doing the project
6 you have to do this on the project manager and show all the schedule you will do in getting the project done before dead line
The above is just to give you a clue on how you will do the progress report, you should add your own idea and make it look to standard, and this should be ready in 48hr please

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