• March 7th, 2016

Strategic Leadership and Management for Engineers

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The Ministry of Defence is signing a contract for the procurement of 50 new aircraft and it needs to determine the inventory of a critical spare part ‘A’. Each aircraft is planned to fly 90 hours per month. The contractor reports that the MTTF for the spare part ‘A’ is 5000 hours and that in case of failure, the spare part’s TAT (in months) will follow a lognormal distribution with parameters : γ=3.3, μ=2.08, σ=0.75, according to historical data for similar parts.
Use the Wolfram Demonstration tool ‘System Availability’, available at http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/SystemAvailability/, to provide answers to the following questions:
1. What is the expectation that the aircraft availability will be higher than 85% after 3 years of operation, if the spare part A inventory is 55?
2. At the 95% confidence level, what is the expectation for the worst aircraft availability during the first 3 years of operation, if the spare part A inventory is 55?When is this expected to happen?
3. Provide an 80% confidence interval for the aircraft availability throughout the first 3 years of operation, if the spare part ‘A’ inventory is 55.
4. What should be the spare part ‘A’ inventory, so that the aircraft availability will stay above 85% during the first 3 years of operation, at the 95% confidence level?
5. If the objective is to maintain the aircraft availability above 85% at the 95% confidence level during the first 3 years of operation, provide alternative options, keeping the spare part ‘A’ inventory at 55.

Learning Outcomes to be assessed (as specified in the validated module descriptor http://icis.glam.ac.uk):

LO1: Evaluate, select and apply a range of approaches to identifying strategic leadership and management development needs in differing international and regional organisational contexts.

LO2: Critically analyse and evaluate approaches to the formulation and implementation of leadership and management development strategies to meet current and future organisational needs and their role in enhancing organisational competence in relation to supply chain management and other areas of management.

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