• April 3rd, 2016

Strategic human resource management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



(a) Rationale

The purpose of this assignment is for students to apply the various SHRM practices and policies to an organization setting. You will need to select an organization. This can be the organization that you are currently working in or any other organization which you are able to gain information from.

(b) Assignment Task

Find a recent newspaper or journal article or web article describing the impact of changing technology on HRM in a particular organization or sector.

Briefly summarize the impact. Critically evaluate the way in which the changing technology was handled:
a) Which was the action taken: proactive or reactive?
b) Were the affected employees adequately prepared for the change?
If so, how? If not, why not?
c) What steps were taken, if any, to ensure that the changing technology would reap benefits for the firm or sector?

(e) Referencing

Where referencing is concerned, students are required to use Harvard System of Referencing. Please refer to the handouts from the Academic Unit for guidance.

(f) Plagiarism

Of necessity, most academic work is heavily dependent on the findings or ideas of others. Indeed, one aim of academic assessment is to encourage you to read and research as widely as possible. In presenting your work, you must show that you have read widely and one way to do this is to cite your sources in the body of your essay. To do otherwise amounts to plagiarism.

Note to Students:

1. You can use an organization(s) of your choice to elaborate and contextualize your answer. Elaborate with examples, or success stories to justify your point of view.
2. Academic reference is essential.
3. You must conclude this report with some sound recommendations for the chosen organization.
4. You are required to write an individual assignment of 3,500 – 4,000 words. Use diagrams and charts, if required, to illustrate your points. Appendices should only be used where appropriate and not as a means to circumvent the word limit.
5. The following format must be adopted:
• Avoid repetition.
• All answers should be typed out with double spacing.
• Over length assignments will be penalized.
• Theories must be appropriately referenced.
• Zero marks will be awarded if there is evidence of plagiarism or other forms of cheating.

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